The Alloy Platform is the vaccine equivalent of combining materials to generate metal alloys with improved performance. The superior strength of steel results from combining iron and carbon, an alloy that revolutionized structural engineering. Similarly, Syntiron’s revolutionary Alloy Platform vaccines combine multiple highly conserved protein targets (typically including bacterial metal receptors) to make stronger, broadly protective vaccines.

The amino acid sequences of Alloy Vaccines are completely unique relative to host proteins but are highly conserved across diverse serotypes of bacteria, thereby establishing immunity that is safe and broadly cross-protective. Syntiron’s affiliate company, Vaxxinova US, has successfully developed and produced highly effective iron receptor protein vaccines for animal health that have been administered to hundreds of thousands of livestock over the past 25 years.


Metals, especially iron, are essential for bacterial growth and survival. The lack of freely available iron in the host rapidly triggers the expression of iron receptor proteins on the bacterial surface, where they transport iron into the cell. Because they are expressed in high numbers and they are attached to the surface of the bacteria, they are highly visible to the immune system. While these features make them great vaccine targets, their large size, complex structure and lack of solubility make them exceedingly difficult to purify and formulate in a manner that meets the standards for human vaccine manufacturing. Syntiron has years of expertise working with these proteins, and developed the Alloy Platform to leverage the IRPs as vaccine targets while overcoming the structural obstacles.


Syntiron’s innovation with the Alloy Platform was to leverage molecular, bioinformatic and immunological principles to engineer simpler proteins enriched in linear, immunodominant and highly conserved peptides derived from IRPs.

A key differentiator is that the ability of Alloy Platform vaccines to induce protective immunity is, by design, free from structural constraints. Because of this, Alloy Vaccines are simple to manufacture. They are highly stable and can be produced using standard recombinant protein expression systems.

Alloy Vaccines induce robust immunity beyond antibodies.
The design enables induction of strong cellular immunity and mucosal immunity across a broad range of pathogens, including antimicrobial resistant strains.
ALLOY Vaccines are your ally against resistant bacteria.


Syntiron’s worldwide intellectual property includes over 90 issued patents and 50 pending applications covering a variety of Gram-negative and Gram-positive vaccine targets. Syntiron has the exclusive license to develop these technologies for human applications, while our sister company in the veterinary industry, Epitopix, develops the technology to improve animal health.

You can view issued United States patents by clicking the document below. For a complete portfolio of worldwide intellectual property, please contact us.

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