Syntiron Fact Sheet



Purpose: Syntiron develops innovative microbial vaccines to help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Pipeline: Our iron-regulated protein-based platform technology applies to a broad array of bacterial pathogens. Syntiron is currently developing vaccines for the following pathogens and indications:

  • E. coli (urinary tract infections, sepsis and diarrhea)
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae (pneumonia, sepsis, urinary tract infections)

What We Do:

  • Antigen procurement
    • 20 issued and 17 pending U.S. patents
    • 72 issued and 42 pending international patents
  • Custom vaccine prototyping
    • Process development
    • Scalable manufacturing
    • Optimization of adaptive immunity
  • Vaccine efficacy
    • Small and large animal models
    • New model development

Foundation: Epitopix and Life Science Innovations founded Syntiron in 2004 to develop their proprietary protein vaccine platform for use in human vaccines.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

Employees: 9 full and part-time employees

Partners: Collaboration drives Syntiron’s success. Our research partners include:

  • Epitopix – Syntiron’s sister company manufactures two USDA-licensed cattle vaccines using the proprietary technology
  • National Institutes of Health – The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has awarded Syntiron six SBIR grants totaling over $2.3M USD
  • Sanofi Pasteur – The largest vaccine manufacturer in the world worked on a three-year preclinical research and development program with Syntiron to develop a staphylococcal vaccine for humans
  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency/Naval Medical Research Center – DTRA awarded Syntiron a $4.1M USD Research Contract in 2009 to develop multivalent biodefense vaccines to prevent anthrax, plague and melioidosis

Syntiron actively seeks research and development partnerships in order to advance microbial vaccine candidates toward clinical trials, enhance delivery and immunogenicity, and contribute to a better understanding of the science of human vaccines. For more information on our project and partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Intellectual Property:  The extensive intellectual property portfolio includes 20 issued and 17 pending applications in the United States and 72 issued and 42 pending applications in other countries.

Awards: Syntiron received the 2008 Tekne Award for Biotechnology from the Minnesota High Tech Association for its innovative vaccine research development program.

Syntiron was nominated in the 2013 “Buzz of BIO” biotechnology showcase for the 2013 BIO International Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

Lisa Herron-Olson, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Syntiron LLC
1000 Westgate Drive
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114 USA
Tel. 651.641.2871